The DUDOCnetwerk is a network for teacher researchers (mostly PhD’s) and has its roots in  the DUDOC program were teachers research the  educational innovation of the STEM curricula (2007-2012). The program  was set up by the Bèta Techniek Platform with the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The DUDOCnetwerk is an organization that  bridges the world of educational institutions and that of didactical research, using the specific expertise and experiences of the DUDOC networkers to connect these two worlds. The expertise and experience in conducting and organizing didactical research in both a policy and content sense benefits the DUDOCnetwerkers themselves as well as external teacher researchers and/or interested organizations. The research can have various approaches such as scientific research, design research, action research, lesson study and so on..

Procedure to become DUDOCnetwerker:
When you want to join the community please fill out the form on this site. You can indicate on the form whether you want your name publicly listed as a member on the site. 
To keep the foundation going, we ask for a (provisional) one-time contribution of EUR 30. Example costs for the foundation are: bank account, website (domain and hosting), location fees (including coffee and tea) for meetings, representation costs (posters at conferences), etc.
It is possible that we will ask for a further donation in the future, depending on the activities we undertake.
Once you become a member you will receive a donation request which you can use for a tax deduction.