The DUDOCnetwerk aims to support the innovation committees for the science subjects biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, and NLT in secondary education through offering support in conducting research.

The DUDOCnetwerk is an organization that bridges the world of educational institutions and that of didactical research, using the specific expertise and experiences of the DUDOCnetwerkers (= members) to connect these two worlds. The expertise and experience in conducting and organizing didactical research in both policy and content sense benefit the DUDOCnetwerkers themselves as well as external teacher researchers and/or interested organizations. The research can have various approaches such as scientific research, design research, action research, lesson study and so on..

The main goal of the network is to bring expertise and experience in doing (scientific) didactical research at educational institutions where DUDOCnetwerkers work. Every networker acts as a source for the other networkers. The networkers pool knowledge and experiences in the field of didactical research, making them available to individuals who are (considering) going into (academic) didactical research. The network can be approached by university research groups looking to strengthen the connection with educational practice in their research organizations and educational institutions looking  to support and initiate didactical research. The DUDOCnetwerk Foundation was established on February 19, 2014 at the Chamber of Commerce under number 60038896